Baran Topal


About – Baran Topal


This is Baran Topal.

I spent 11729 earth days in my life.

I am not swedish, I am not turk, I am not anything. I am not a programmer, I am not a student, I am not an artist, I am not swedish, not a man of capital, not a capitalist, not anything.

I am not left, right, centre, left of centre, right of  you, right of her or right of him.

What I am is a runner. Running away from the thousand and one things that people say you have to be or should want to be.

I try to be a polyglot, a polymath, a man of renaissance in this post structuralist decade.

This site is dedicated for the ones who need help. I will share valuable information in the given sections in this site which are still probably empty.

I hope this site will advance and evolve amazingly when/if i find the time or just stay as it is.

I will continue to live and write, i guess.

This site will be terminated if i die, or if i want this site to die. EOL.