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About – Baran Topal


This is Baran Topal. 

I spent 11729 earth days in my life and there is no counter in that numeric value.

I am not Swedish, I am not Turk, I am not anything. I am not a student, I am not an artist, I am not a junkie, I am not a conversationalist, I am not swedish, not a wog, not anything. I am not left wing, right wing, centre, left of centre, right of Genghis Khan. I don’t vote, I don’t demonstrate, I don’t do charity.

What I am is a runner. Running away from the thousand and one things that people say you have to be or should want to be.

This site is dedicated for the ones who need help. I will share valuable information in terms of my experiences in the given genres.

Note that this site is extremely new and my availability for this site depends on me, not yours. I hope this site will advance and evolve amazingly when/if i find the time.

I will continue to live and write, i guess.

This site will be terminated if i die, or if i want this site to die. EOL.