Baran Topal



CryptoServices in Java: FileOperatorPro

This is the Java Realm implementation. Note there are 4 other parts to fulfill this cryptoservices completely. The drift in this project is simple: File Operations. I must admit this project is not generic as I intended. It can be improved. I used FilenameUtils, IOUtils from Check more, I [...]


Generating huge text file for mocking.

    Today, I am going to explain creating a huge text file via C. Clearly, this is easier with OOP languages such as Java and C#.NET. Yet, for fun, I am sharing here a straight forward approach for creating a huge file. I don’t think I should write any comment on this, since my codes are always very well commented. 🙂 This [...]


A C# TDD Example

    Let’s see. I didn’t write a .NET post for a long time, and I am posting a fun project which is a Robot Cleaner that I had implemented in C#.NET. Although this is a trivial project, it requires a simple understanding of TDD and at that time, my TDD experience in .NET was limited. Now, let’s check how one [...]