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CryptoServices in Java: HibernatePro

This is the Java Realm implementation for cryptoserverices by using hibernate. Note there are 4 other parts to fulfill this cryptoservices completely. Check the above link’s requirements, yet, this is also a standalone module. Historically, Hibernate emerged from the need of object mapping to the database entities. In design, programmer [...]


CryptoServices in Java: CryptoPro

This is the Java Realm implementation for crypto services in Java. Note there are 4 other parts to fulfill this cryptoservices completely. Yet, at the end of the page, there is a main java class for you to test the crypto functionality. CryptoPro has the functionality of encrypting and decrypting with DES algorithm. Just google for DES [...]


CryptoServices in Java: CRCPro

This is the Java Realm implementation. Note there are 4 other parts to fulfill this cryptoservices completely.  Check the other posts to have a complete picture, yet, this is also a standalone module and a java with main is at the end of the page to test the functionality. This is the implementation of Cyclic Redundancy. This module also [...]


we are conned

Well, well, let’s aim for the weird experiences of mine. I have been suffering such interesting occasions not only in Microsoft but also in other OSes. But this time credit goes to MS. Try to create a folder named as “con” (without quotes) in your desktop. And, see what happens:   That’s what you will get. [...]


RSA class diagram

Since, we have to establish harmony; we are using RSA while forming the class diagrams in 251 course content, while creating class diagrams. So, I have to find a way to tweak the RSA and show the input parameters and return types. The tweak is hard to find so I prepared this guide for the sake of 251 and 359 students. First of all, make [...]


What is Tomcat?

Tomcat is an application server bottom line. But is it a webserver? Well, web server is something which serves static web pages. Java application server is run by Java virtual machine and it allows you to use servlets, Java server pages, all that which is called Enterprise java. In general application server is a part of the general [...]


SUSE single click mouse

Long time ago in Suse, I need to find single click mouse enabling, but couldn’t find where to do. I am using KDE in open suse 12.1. So, what I have done is that I go for “System Settings”, then select “Input Devices” (under Hardware), then “Mouse”. Here you can select “Single Click to open [...]


2 domains, one ip, apache

I was once a rookie and my problem was as this: I am having a VPS solution meaning i have my own machine having centos and apache, mysql and php are also installed on it. I was root in the system, i could ssh without any problem. I bought 2 domains from godaddy but hosting is not provided by godaddy. I set the IP of my VPS solution in [...]


SSH and MySQL on Windows to Linux

SSH and MySQL operations from Windows to Linux: Ah, yes, I have a mysql dump in my windows environment and want to import it from windows to remote linux server via ssh. I have putty and root rights, now, let’s think: What is the working command for this? You either scp the data from windows to Linux or you would need to get Cygwin [...]